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Novel Natural Biologics Sustainably Sourced From Cyanobacteria And Microalgae

Identifying and developing applications for novel, natural biologics sourced from cyanobacteria and microalgae

From our library of over 1,200 cyanobacterial producer strains, we have already identified over 5,000 natural products with potential application over multiple industries.

The role of Simris Biologics within the Simris Group is:

  • To identify novel natural compounds from cyano’s and microalgae and to establish potential applications for these.
  • To develop technology platforms based upon these compounds and protect them under patent.
  • To partner with internal and external customers under license agreements to develop final products.


Based upon our patent protected platform we are developing the next generation of safer ADC payloads with a high therapeutic index.


Our range of high-quality standards and reagents are trusted by water authorities around the world.

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