Cyanobacterial Reagents

We have a number of cyanobacterial secondary metabolites in stock and can supply them as bioreagents:

  • Aeruginoguanidine 98A
  • Aeruginosin 98A
  • Aeruginosin 98B
  • Anabaenopeptin 915
  • Anabaenopeptin A
  • Anabaenopeptin B
  • Anabaenopeptin C
  • Anabaenopeptin J
  • Anabaenopeptin NZ841 (currently out of stock)
  • Anabaenopeptin NZ857 (currently out of stock)
  • Cyanopeptolin A (currently out of stock)
  • Cyanopeptolin D (currently out of stock)
  • Cyanostatin B (currently out of stock)
  • Cylindrospermopsin (currently out of stock)
  • Ferintoic acid A (currently out of stock)
  • Kasumigamide (currently out of stock)
  • Microcystin YR (currently out of stock)
  • Microginin (currently out of stock)
  • Microginin FR1
  • Microginin FR2
  • Micropeptin MM916 (currently out of stock)
  • Nodularin (currently out of stock)
  • Asp3-Nodularin (currently out of stock)
  • Oscillamide Y
  • Scyptolin B (currently out of stock)

The bioreagents have a purity of > 90% by HPLC. The identities of the substances have been confirmed by 1H-NMR and tandem HRMS, or are isolated from strains that are known to produce the respective compound and have tandem HRMS spectra that comply with the given structure. The bioreagents are distributed in amber glass vials. They should be stored at -20 °C.

Please enquire for pricing of the bioreagents. Shipping costs depend on the destination. The shipping costs (insured parcel, FedEx) plus an additional handling fee of 8 Euro will be charged. All prices are net prices. Delivery times for the bioreagents are 2 weeks.

If you cannot open the SD file of our bioreagents, a pdf version of the catalog can be downloaded here.

For each delivery we have to ask our customers to sign and to send to us a Material Transfer Agreement expressing that the bioreagents are used for non-commercial purpose only. This form can be downloaded here and sent by email to in order to reduce delivery times.

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